KB horizontal batch ploughshare mixers
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KBC batch ploughshare mixers with central discharge
KBT batch ploughshare mixers with total bomb door discharge

The KB ploughshare range of horizontal single-shaft batch mixers is the ideal solution to produce top quality batches with a variety of different materials. Thanks to the fluidized mechanical bed technology (which guarantees the highest degree of homogeneity and total absence of mixing dead spots) these units are the perfect solution to all mixing issues in all industrial applications where dry powders and granules are used.

With countless different configurations, a strong, industrial build and a high degree of precision of all manufactured parts, KB horizontal single-shaft ploughshare mixers are suitable both for intensive, heavy-duty production lines, as well as small, highly specialized installations.


  • Broad range of units (from 50 to 12,000 litres useful capacity)
  • Different materials of construction: mild steel, wear-resistant steel, stainless steel (304 or 316)
  • Inlets according to customer requirements and layout
  • Different types of outlet (round or square/rectangular – central or multiple – or total bomb-bay door)
  • Different types of mixing tools, according to ingredients and application
  • Extensive range of accessories, to improve mixing time/quality and provide extra flexibility
  • Different types of drive, carefully sized case by case, according to application, duty and installation limitations


  • Strong, industrial build
  • Excellent homogeneity of all ingredients in the mix (up to 1:100,000)
  • Excellent batch repeatability
  • Shortest mixing time
  • Totally reliable and virtually maintenance-free units
  • Best quality/price ratio – excellent ROI
  • Maximum flexibility, full customization

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