KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixers

KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixers

The KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixer range is the ideal solution to process large volumes of materials in a continuous process.

Thanks to the countless possible configurations, to its robust and high precision construction, the KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixers can be used for heavy duty, intensive production lines, 24/7.

KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixers are made up of cylindrical mixing drum, with one inlet, one vent port, one vertical discharge, a solid steel rotor shaft which rotates inside the drum and to which are fixed (in a carefully designed way) a precise number of mixing tools that mix all ingredients fed through the inlet (at one end of the drum) as they push them forwards to the opposite end of the drum, where they are discharged through the outlet. Both ends of the drum are closed by end plates, to which the shaft supports are bolted. The shaft supports contain the shaft bearings and seals. Finally, a drive is installed at one end of the mixing drum to guarantee the mixing shaft’s correct rotation speed inside the drum.


KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixers can be made of mild steel, wear-resistant steel and stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316).

The rotor shaft is always made from a solid bar, and has high precision lathed ends to guarantee a perfect fit within the end supports.

The end supports contain the shat bearings, as well as the sealing system to prevent any material from leaking out of the mixing drum. In particular, according to the application for which the mixer is designed and used, the seals can be of different types (simple stuffing, air or nitrogen purged, greased, with air/greased combination, special seals for negative pressure applications and even mechanical seals.

The mixing tools can be plough type, with an extremely high penetration coefficient and vigorous action, or inclined blade type, for a more delicate action on the materials to be mixed.

The inlet can be designed and made according to customer specifications: although typically rectangular or round, it can be made to any shape or size required

The vertical discharge is placed at the opposite side of the inlet and guarantees a constant output of materials, once these have been mixed and have passed through the entire drum’s length. Thanks to a bolted adjustable weir plate, the materials’ residence time can be adjusted according to the application’s needs

All KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixers are equipped with one or more side inspection doors, to enable operators/service technicians to quickly and easily access the inside of the drum and perform all cleaning/servicing operations. All inspection doors are fitted with mechanical or electro-mechanical locks with key, preventing accidental opening while the mixer is running.

Each KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixer comes with a specifically sized electric drive unit, according to application and customer requirements. The simplest drive unit configuration, generally used when low power is required, is made up of a motor-gearbox directly flanged to the mixing drum, in a compact layout. More complex drive units are normally used for larger mixers: these are self-supported, separate units, that include couplings (pin or hydraulic) and are generally used for high power and heavy duties.

  • Mixing speed: KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixers have extremely fast mixing time. Thanks to the fluidized bed mixing technology, these mixers can thoroughly blend complex recipes with ingredients with significantly different chemical-physical intrinsic characteristics in all but 120-180 seconds, while guaranteeing an excellent particle distribution.
  • Constant throughput: KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixers guarantee a constant throughput of mixed materials over time.
  • Solids-liquids mixing: thanks to its high turbulence mixing effect, KCV single-shaft horizontal ploughshare continuous mixers can efficiently incorporate substantial quantities of liquids within the solids bulk materials, providing an excellent distribution of liquids within the final mix
  • Know-how and experience: specific product and application experience always at your service
  • Fast and easy cleaning operations and ordinary maintenance on mixers
  • Throughput: from 1.0 to 700 m3/h
  • Particle distribution: up to 1:100.000
  • Solids/solids mixing, solids/liquids mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, chemical reactions
  • Robustness and suitability to all applications, even the most demanding (24/7 duty)
  • Different mixing tools possible (plough type, blade type, straight or toothed, with different types of wear-resistant coating on request)
  • Different grades of finishing for stainless steel (glass-bead blasting, satin polishing, mechanical and electromechanical mirror polishing)
  • Side refiners for a faster and better distribution of additives (even in very low quantities) and to speed up mixing operations
  • Liquid injection by means of adjustable wands with spray nozzles and atomizers; liquid ports
  • Sampling device: electro-pneumatic sampling device enabling the operator to draw small samples of materials at all times, even while the mixer is running
  • Pneumatic panel: panel and on-board ducting for the correct and efficient distribution of compressed air to all appliances
  • Wearresistant liners: liners bolted to the drum in individually replaceable panels in mild or wear-resistant steel, special elastomer liners, aluminium-ceramic liners to avoid cross contamination
  • Temperature jacket for product heating/cooling
  • Thermocouple for accurate and constant monitoring of product temperature
  • Special ducting specific for the food industry
  • Rev counter
  • Shaft cleaning rings when sticky, sludgy materials are processed