RB horizontal batch ribbon blenders
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RBC batch ribbon blenders

RB single-shaft horizontal batch ribbon blenders represent the ideal solution to delicately and thoroughly blend fragile and delicate materials.

Thanks to the four counter-rotating ribbon flights that move all ingredients across the length of the mixing trough, from the centre to the sides and vice versa, these horizontal batch blenders are particularly suited to handle dry powders and granules, avoiding the risk of breaking or altering them in any way.


  • Broad range of units (from 50 to 10,000 litres useful capacity)
  • Different materials of construction: mild steel, wear-resistant steel, stainless steel (304 or 316)
  • Inlets according to customer requirements and layout
  • Different types of outlet (round or square/rectangular – central or multiple, total bomb-bay door, with integrated extraction screw conveyor)
  • 4 counter-rotating ribbon flights, sized according to ingredients and application
  • Extensive range of accessories, to improve mixing quality and provide extra flexibility
  • Different types of drive, carefully sized case by case, according to application, duty and installation limitations


  • Strong, industrial build
  • Excellent mixing quality
  • Excellent batch repeatability
  • Ideal for delicate, fragile ingredients
  • Totally reliable and virtually maintenance-free units
  • Best quality/price ratio – excellent ROI
  • Low installed power, low energy consumption
  • Maximum flexibility, full customization


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