Ploughshare mixer

KC4PV10000ILD – paste mixer for the mining industry

Application Paste mixer for the mining industry For an important overseas customer operating int the mining industry we were requested to supply a ploughshare continuous mixer, capable of handling 235 T/h of materials. The mixer receives inhomogeneous materials, damp and highly abrasive. They are mixed with fine cement powder and water, to form a paste […]

Application Production of fertilisers from food waste We were approached by a prestigious Export company to provide a mixer suitable to handle 20 m³/h of potato waste. The 'back mixer' needed to thoroughly mix dry and moist/wet materials with the aim to reduce the overall moisture of the final mixed product, before sending it on [...]
Application Paste mixer for the mining industry   For an export customer who needed to install a unit to mix large quantities of earth, cement and water, we were asked to build a continuous horizontal ploughshare mixer that could handle 300 T/h of product. The mixer receives the materials from a belt conveyor and a [...]
KBC2000 for isolating foams
Application Production of isolating and flameproof foams   We were approached by an important international manufacturer of isolating and flameproof foams used for (mainly but no exclusively) submarine piping for offshore platforms. We were asked to produce a ploughshare mixer capable of handling 2000 litres per batch. The unit, built to handle a large number [...]
KBT5000 for premixed building materials
KBT5000 industrial mixer for building premixed materials   Application Industry: building and construction Mass production of premixed building materials   For prestigious international company producing premixed building materials, including grouts, screeds, mortars and plasters, we were awarded the task of manufacturing a ploughshare industrial mixer with 5000 litres of useful capacity (7000 litres of total, [...]
KBC55 for brake pads
Application Production of brake (automotive industry) For main global player in the production of wearables for the automotive industry (brake pads) we built two small ploughshare mixers  capable of quickly mixing to the highest possible degree of homogeneity the pre-mixes which are subsequently sent on to the press machines. Although small in size, the units [...]
KBC250 for oxides
Application Building materials with oxides For a company that produces small pre-mixes with oxides for the building industry we manufactured a batch ploughshare mixer with a useful capacity of 240 litres. Since the goal of the unit is to thoroughly disperse and distribute the oxides in the bulk materials (cement and sand, mainly) avoiding any [...]
KBC1300 for baking powders
Application For a new mixing plant that produces sophisticated and top-quality baking powders we were asked to supply a stainless steel batch ploughshare mixer capable of handling up to 1300 litres per batch. The unit needed round inlets and a vent port, side refiners to maximise particle distribution of micro-ingredients and additives (in powder and [...]
KBC2500 for bentonite
Application Mixer for bentonite and additives   For an important new industrial plant for the production of pet litter we were approached for the supply of a ploughshare mixer in stainless steel capable of handling 2500 litres of product per batch. The unit needs to heat the materials as they are mixed, has to be [...]
KCV4400 for organic waste
Application Production of fertilisers from organic vegetable waste   For one of the most important international global players in the waste recycling industry (handling primarily digested vegetable organic waste, used to produce high-quality fertilisers) we were asked to build a continuous 'back' mixer to be installed before the dryer. The unit needs to process 35 [...]
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