Ribbon blenders

RBC1700 for chemical additives – wineries and cellars
Application Winery and cellars - chemical additives blending For the main production plant of an important manufacturer of chemical additives for cellars, wineries and breweries we were asked to supply two ribbon blenders in stainless steel. The units, virtually identical, can handle up to 2750 litres of materials, are fitted with separate, bevel drives with [...]
Mixer-blender for bio-plastics
Important group actively researching in the bio-plastic industry approached us for a complete blending station, to be used as a pilot plant in one of their new venues. The blender, a U-trough ribbon type unit, which incorporates large quantities of liquids and fibres, serves as a pilot plant and needs to be integrated as a [...]
RBC1500 for calcium carbonate
We were approached by an important OEM with a request for a 'special' ribbon blender to gently mix calcium carbonate in a batch process for the production of plastics. Since the blender needed to be fitted into an existing plant with other similar blenders, it was imperative that it should be made from a cylindrical [...]
RBC150 for the Plastics industry
Our customer required two identical small units for their plastic processing plant. As the throughput for each line was low, we agreed to supply two small batch ribbon blenders, entirely built in SS304. RB2RC00150DD SS304 construction double ribbon mixing flight direct drive, 2.2 kW bolted lid with one large, hinged inspection door 1 large round inlet [...]
RBC400 for the Food Industry
As part of the same project for which MC² supplied the KBC600, the customer required another unit to keep the batch of product coming from the ploughshare mixer gently mixed, before transferring it to the packaging line. For this purpose MC² provided an RBC400 ribbon blender, built to to meet the strictest Food Industry GMPs. Features [...]
RBC2000 for the ceramic industry
MC² Srl produces high quality industrial equipment, with a specialization in mixing technology. For a recent project in the ceramic industry, we supplied 3 off. ribbon blenders, with reinforced ribbon flights, twin central electro-pneumatic discharges, customized lids and inlets/inspection doors. The three units, to be installed in a new plant in Indonesia which will be fully operational in the first quarter [...]
KBC-RBC for the Food Industry
As part of a plant expansion, we were asked to produce two mixers in SS304 for the preparation of various dry mixes for soft drinks and hot & cold beverages. The mixing station required a ploughshare mixer to thoroughly blend all ingredients (including flavours and additives) into a homogeneous mix. The mix needed to be [...]
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