KBC-RBC for the Food Industry

As part of a plant expansion, we were asked to produce two mixers in SS304 for the preparation of various dry mixes for soft drinks and hot & cold beverages.

The mixing station required a ploughshare mixer to thoroughly blend all ingredients (including flavours and additives) into a homogeneous mix. The mix needed to be consequently transferred by gravity into a ribbon blender, in order to keep the product gently moving, while being transferred via a vacuum system to the bagging station.

Both units were made of 304 stainless steel, with high grade polishing of all surfaces in contact with the product (roughness < 0.8 microns). With drives in a compact, direct configuration (with flexible pin coupling), the mixers were equipped with air-purged seals, pneumatic discharge (perfectly flush with the drum/trough) and inspection doors for quick and easy inspection/cleaning operations.

Thanks to ploughshare technology, mixing can be achieved in a very short time (less than 180″) with overall particle distribution reaching 1:100,000 – guaranteeing a thorough mix of all ingredients, whatever their bulk density, particle size and intrinsic chemical-physical characteristics.

The ribbon blender, on the other hand, is designed to keep the mix gently moving, avoiding crystallization and sticking, preventing product thermal alteration (caramelization), thanks to its gentle movement back and forth across the mixing trough, while transfer via pneumatic conveying is carried out.

Due to the high percentage of sugar in the mix (and hence the high risk of explosion), all electric appliances were supplied ATEX-rated.

MC²: the ultimate mixing solution!

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