KBC1300 for bird feed


Production of bird feed.

For a company that produces various types of bird feed we manufactured a ploughshare batch mixer capable of homogenizing various kinds of seeds, minerals and additives.

The unit was built for intensive, heavy duty, the main objective being achieving a high-quality mix in a very short time.

The mixer was built in mild steel, with two round outlets in order to feed two different packaging lines, two inspection doors and plough tools in wear-resistant steel with WC coating on tips. Since most of the recipes include mineral additives (silica, quartz), the parts most subject to wear and tear (mixing tools) were manufactured in HB400 wear-resistant steel, to increase their life cycle.


Technical characteristics:

  • Material of construction: high thickness mild steel
  • Maximum useful volume: 1403 litres
  • Mixing tools: ploughs and scrapers, bolted and adjustable, in HB400 wear-resistant steel, with Wolfram Carbide welded coating on tips
  • 2 round outlets, electro-pneumatically operated, with trap door completely flush with mixing drum
  • 1 vent port
  • 2 round inlets, in mild steel, with flange
  • 2 inspection doors, with safety door lock with key
  • Stuffing seals with air-purging
  • 1 direct drive, flanged to the mixer end plate, with a 37 kW electric motor


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