KBC1700 for the food industry

For an important worldwide global player in the food industry (flour, baked products) we were asked to supply a food grade ploughshare mixer, capable of delivering consistent batches, with a high throughput in the shortest possible time, and a very high degree of homogeneity and particle distribution (the user needs to manage complex recipes with multiple ingredients, all of which have different chemical-physical characteristics).

The mixer supplied, built entirely in 304SS, is equipped with welded blade type tools and was delivered with an extremely low roughness satin polishing (≤ 0.8 micron) on all parts in contact with the product. This was a necessary feature, in order to ensure maximum efficiency and speed during cleaning operations, since changes in recipe are very frequent and it is imperative to avoid cross contamination at all times.

High speed blade refiners, adjustable injection wands for liquid incorporation, one off-centre beaded-edge inlet, one vent port, air-purged main shaft seals, food grade gaskets and seals/sealants, a large inspection door (gas-spring assisted), one pneumatic panel, one thermocouple for constant product temperature monitoring, ATEX-rated components (II 3D T4) and a 30 kW direct drive complete the mixer configuration.

However, one critical problem was still left to be solved: the installation of the new unit (which replaces an older mixer) proved to be awkward (in actual fact impossible) due to significant space constraints, especially in height. To solve this issue, MC² redesigned its unit, reducing the height of the mixer end plates to the bare minimum, while adopting an electro-pneumatic cylinder-type discharge control (instead of the more traditional actuator-type, commonly used for central discharge units). In this way overall height was reduced significantly and all customer requirements in terms of performance, finishing and installation were met with great satisfaction.

Once again, customer needs as first and foremost priority!

MC² : the ultimate mixing technology!

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