KBC2000ILD for special adhesives

For a prestigious company in the process of setting up a brand new production site we were asked to supply a high performance ploughshare mixer with the following characteristics:

Wear-resistant steel drum, 7 inlets (two of which off-centre), 3 pneumatically-operated outlets, 4 refiners (blade type), 2 inspection doors, plough tools and scrapers in HB400 wear-resistant steel, air-purged seals, in-line drive with double flexible pin coupling (for use with frequency converter), 4 liquid ports with clamps, pneumatic panel, junction box and on-board wiring, pneumatic sampling device.


  • extra fast mixing time
  • excellent homogeneity (particle distribution up to 1:100,000)
  • extreme flexibility thanks to the three independent outlets
  • perfect batch reproducibility
  • total operation control thanks to the VFD
  • maximum resistance to wear thanks to the hard materials of construction
  • possibility to handle all types of materials and ingredients (solids and liquids)
  • constant product monitoring thanks to the pneumatic sampling device
  • “plug’n’play” solution thanks to the on-board wiring, junction box and pneumatic panel

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