KBC600 for the Food Industry

Our customer is an important company operating in the food industry, and more precisely producing dry mixes for pizzas and various other dry bakery products.

For one of its most intensive production line they required a fast and reliable mixer to mix a multitude of ingredients to a high level of particle distribution. They also need to incorporate liquids into the dry materials, while being sure that no lumps are left in the final product.

For this task MC² built a KBC600 ploughshare mixer, perfectly compliant with the Food Industry’s most stringent GMPs.


  • Complete SS304 construction
  • Satin polishing on all parts in contact with product, with an average roughness of 0.8 microns
  • Welded mixing tools, blade type
  • 2 off. high speed refiners, with sharpened blade-type tools, for excellent distribution of all particles in the mix; moreover, they brake down all lumps generated by the injection of liquids into the dry mix
  • 2 off. atomizer spray nozzles, to effectively fine-spray liquids into the dry mix
  • Air-purged main shaft seals
  • 1 off round central discharge, electro-pneumatically operated, perfectly flush with the drum
  • Compact direct drive, directly flanged to mixer end plate
  • 1 large frontal inspection door, with opening direction bottom-top, with gas spring mechanism
  • All electrical components ATEX 22 rated
  • Temperature sensors on end bearings and refiners, to constantly monitor revolving parts’ temperature
  • 3 off round inlets, 1 off vent port
  • Food-grade gaskets and PTFE packing



  • Extremely fast mixing time (120 to 180 seconds)
  • Premium particle distribution levels (up to 1:100.000)
  • Guaranteed batch repeatability
  • Quick and easy cleaning thanks to extra smooth internal finishing and large inspection door, enabling the operator to quickly access all parts of the mixer. Welded tools, crevice and crack free, with perfectly smooth ground welds, prevent products from sticking inside the mixer
  • Best possible return on investment (high speed, high number of batches per hour, small dimensions and footprint, low power, maximum flexibility from an installation viewpoint)
  • Excellent reliability, virtually maintenance-free

MC²: the ultimate mixing solution

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