KBRC2000 Ploughshare Batch Reactor

For a prestigious company that manufactures insulation and packaging PU-based foam, we produced a 2000-litre useful capacity batch mixer/reactor, in SS304.

Due to process requirements, the unit needed to be equipped with a temperature jacket used to heat the materials and a thermocouple to constantly monitor the product temperature at all times. But most importantly, the unit needed to be designed to withstand a negative pressure of -0.8 Bar. On-site tests proved the unit could withstand a maximum negative pressure of approximately -1.0 Bar!

The drive is a separate unit, with a right-angle shaft gearbox, equipped with a flexible pin coupling and powered by a 55 kW electric motor.

Discharge of materials is guaranteed through a central outlet, electro-pneumatically opened and closed, and perfectly flush with the mixing drum.

Bolted, adjustable plough tools provide a very fast, homogeneous and efficient mixing action.

MC²: the ultimate mixing solution!

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