KCV170 for sludge neutralization

Our customer needed to replace an existing mixer within one of its many plants used for the neutralization of municipal sludge. The main goal was to reproduce an exact ‘like-for-like’ unit, in order not to allow the customer to keep all remaining parts of the plant unmodified.

The unit in question, a continuous ploughshare mixer, required a ‘special’ rectangular inlet, a round vertical outlet and three inspection doors, two of which bolted, while the third needed to be hinged, opened and locked in complete safety.

To meet all these requirements, we supplied our model KC6PV00170DCD, built for the job and with the following characteristics:

  • Mixing drum and end plates in SS316
  • Rotor shaft in painted mild steel
  • Ploughs and scrapers in wear-resistant HB500 steel
  • End supports with bearings and packing
  • 1 large rectangular inlet, flanged
  • 1 vent port
  • 1 round vertical outlet
  • 2 bolted inspection doors, with handle
  • 1 hinged inspection door, c/with safety lock
  • 1 drive unit with flexible pin coupling, to be controlled by a frequency converter (installed power 3 kW)



  • Neutralization of municipal sludge with quick lime

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