RBC2000 for the ceramic industry

MC² Srl produces high quality industrial equipment, with a specialization in mixing technology.

For a recent project in the ceramic industry, we supplied 3 off. ribbon blenders, with reinforced ribbon flights, twin central electro-pneumatic discharges, customized lids and inlets/inspection doors.

The three units, to be installed in a new plant in Indonesia which will be fully operational in the first quarter of Y2016, are capable of handling 2250 litres of product each, and will be installed on three different lines in order to work in parallel on double and (even) triple shifts.

Thanks to the action of the two counter-rotating flights which move the materials from the centre of the mixer towards the end plates (small flight) and at the same time in the opposite direction (large flight) a thorough and gentle mixing action is guaranteed, providing a very good degree of particle distribution without altering or damaging the materials in any way (ideal when in presence of fragile products or thermo-sensitive materials which must not be heated or squashed in any way during the process).

RB mixers can also be produced in stainless steel (304 and 316), in wear resistant steel (HB400, HB500), with single or multiple outlets (if required) and total bomb bay doors when minimum residue is required.

They come in a complete range of sizes, from lab scale to XXL size (capable of processing up to 12,000 litres of product).

A wide range of accessories (such as liquid injection systems, temperature jackets, sampling devices, to name just a few) is avaialble to customize the units according to application/customer needs. Tailor-made modifications and features can be engineered and produced to fully respond to our customers’ requirements.

Please visit our website at www.mc2-srl.com or send us an e-mail at info@mc2-srl.com for further information.

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