Spare Parts

Thanks to its extensive experience working with a wide variety of industrial components commonly used in production plants for powder handling, MC² offers high-quality spare parts with a very short lead-time for:

  • Industrial mixers (ploughshare mixers, ribbon blenders, paddle mixers)
  • Screw conveyors
  • Valves and rotary valves
  • Filters
  • Bag splitters (manual and automatic)
Mixing tools (ploughs, blades, scrapers, paddles)
Complete rotor shafts
Drive units
Bearings, seals and gaskets

When mixer configurations need to be changed (often because the units are used for different applications/processes from the one they were originally built for), MC² can provide a wide and comprehensive range of accessories, ideal for adapting the unit to its new purpose and installation:

  • Filtering sleeves/socks
  • Special safety devices
  • Pneumatic panels for a perfect distribution of compressed air to all pneumatic appliances
  • Pneumatic sampling devices (that can be used while the mixer is running)
  • Rev counters
  • Thermocouples and probes
  • Electric and mechanical components suitable for use in hazardous areas and with flammable materials (ATEX-rated, explosion-proof)
Mechanical safety door lock
Complete refiner
Temperature jacket
Bolted wear-resistant liner
Pneumatic panel
Liquid injection wands and nozzles
Pneumatic sampling device
Safety grid (bolted or hinged)
Filtering sleeve
Liquid injection atomizers
Rev counter