In line with its policy and philosophy of providing customers with solutions and services, MC² is available to carry out routine maintenance activities on industrial mixers, screw conveyors, filters, valves and other components commonly used in production plants for powder handling

We supply and replace:

  • Bearings
  • Seals
  • Complete supports
  • Mixing tools
  • Refiner tools
  • Flights, spirals, intermediate and hanger bearings for screw conveyors
  • Filter cartridges and sleeves
  • Rotary valves spare parts
  • Automatic bag splitting machines spare parts
  • Drive unit spare parts (flexible coupling rubber dampers and pins, rubber inserts for fluid couplings)
Replacement of end support, seals and bearings
Replacement of mixing tools and refiner tools

If in need of more complex modifications and repair works, customers can safely turn to MC² for the following operations:

  • Replacement/modification of entire mixer sections such as inlets, outlets, complete shafts, complete refiners
  • Retrofit/replacement of inspection doors, retrofit of wear-resistant liners, repair/retrofit of temperature jackets and insulation
  • Complete overhauls and revamps of mixers, screw conveyors, drive units, rotary valves, automatic bag splitting machines
Retrofit installation of wear-resistant liner on mixing drum with total bomb door discharge
Retrofit installation of inspection doors on existing mixer
Total 60° bomb door replacement on 9000-litre mixer
Replacement of complete rotor shaft on 6000-liltre continuous mixer
Revamp (before)
Revamp (before)
Revamp (after)
Revamp (After)